Normally during the dead of winter most people are just trying to stay warm and on the outlook for snow.  As an auctioneer, we're on the outlook for new business.  February through May is the best season for auctions.  Many people have cabin fever and are looking for something to do.  Also, tax returns are coming in and people have money to spend.  Estate auctions do very well this time of year because they are attractive to people looking for bargains.  However, the more people that attend an auction, the less bargains there are to be had.  It's a simple concept really.  Imagine going to a store and they only have one of the item you are wanting and there are 3 other people also wanting that same item.  What happens?  At the store, it's first come, first serve.  At an auction, we allow those 4 people to submit their highest bid.  When you allow competitive bidding on an item, price goes up!   It's demand versus supply.  Granted not every items is going to have 4 bidders.  That's when the bargain comes into the equation.  If only one person is interested in a particular item, then of course that item will bring less. 

As a professional auction company with EXIT Realty, our primary goal is to attract as many people as possible to an auction through specialized advertising.  We focus our marketing on past auction attendees and drawing the local residents.  Auction advertising is extremely focused and targeted.  With usually less than 30 days to market an auction, advertising has to be very effective. We reach the greatest number of people possible, in the shortest time.

If you've been wondering if an auction is right for you, give me a call at 615-653-0080 and I will be happy to meet and provide a free consultation with no obligations. 

Gregory Goff


EXIT Realty Bob Lamb Auction Division (Firm # 5515)