Some Popular Painting Techniques

Textures and Patterns

Sponging, rag-rolling, stippling and paneling are a few of the decorative paint techniques that can give your home unique charm and character. Beautiful dapple color effects can be achieved with minimal materials and the most basic instruction.

Broken Color Techniques with Glazes & Washes

Most specialty painting techniques involve "broken color," a term that means applying one or more colors in broken layers over a different base coat to create a mottled or textured effect.


Sponging On is a quick and simple technique that begins with the application of a solid base paint color. After the base coat dries, a wash or glaze is applied on top with a dampened sponge to create a mottled look.

Ragging and Rag Rolling

These techniques give walls the dramatic effect of crushed velvet, parchment, chamois leather, watered silk or brocade.


This technique achieves more subtle results than rag rolling or sponging and can be best described as suede-like. This process breaks up the wall color into a mass of very small dots, which lends richness to the finish. This information is brought to you by Paint Quality Institute.