I know this may sound a little strange in this economy, but you wouldn't believe we don't have enough quality homes on the market right now.  Yes there are plenty of homes on the local MLS, but not the type of homes buyers are really wanting.  I am currently working with three different individuals that are qualified, ready and willing to buy.  Guess what??  There aren't any homes that fit their criteria.  After looking at several "DOGS" and I don't mean Cocker Spaniels, it amazes me that some people think their home will sell no matter the condition.  

Things that buyers are looking for right now:  Location, priced right, clean and updated.  Whether it's Rutherford County or Cannon County, homes that meet these criteria are few and far between.  For instance, just today I viewed a vinyl home that was built in 1993 with a decent location.  It was priced at $110 per sq. ft.!!! Get real!!  No hardwoods, vinyl siding and formica countertops.  Are you kidding?  Ask any builder what they can build for $110 a sq. ft. and I can just about guarantee you'll get a brand new "brick" home with hardwoods, tile and granite. 

The second home I viewed would make a possum puke!!  Spare bedrooms smelled like 3 month old socks, garage smelled like dead cat, garage door broken, needed new carpet and the list goes on.  It was only priced at $98 per sq. ft.  Are you kidding.....?  My buyers actually mentioned the seller would have to pay them to take the home.

My point is if you are thinking about selling your home make sure it is ready to sell.  Also if you have a quality home that is clean, in a good location and priced right, you don't have to worry about the real estate market.  Your home will sell.... believe me, I've seen your competition.

Gregory Goff