Landscape Lighting is a Bright Idea

If you take pride in your grounds - the trees, the shrubbery, the beautiful garden - why not enjoy them by night as well as day? The right outdoor lighting allows you to derive the full benefits of your costly landscaping after the sun goes down. Landscape lighting will improve the look of your landscape, and will be especially attractive for those outdoor get-togethers that last until after dark. And lighting up your yard's landscape not only illuminates your greenery, but also makes your home safer by staving off would-be burglars.

Aesthetic Benefits of Landscape Lighting

  • Show off the beauty of your home after dark
  • Highlight favorite flowers and shrubs
  • Dramatize trees, pool, fountains and masonry texture
  • Accent statuary and other focal points

Practical Benefits of Landscape Lighting

  • Safety: good lighting on steps, walks and driveways help avoid accidents
  • Security: floodlighting and other landscape lighting will deter prowlers and vandals
  • Investment: grounds which are dramatically lighted at night look like a luxurious estate, increasing the resale value of your property