Wintertime home shopping? Check the windows!!

Recently, I had buyers looking to place an offer on a home. We had looked the home over fairly well but we decided to go back one last time. Good thing we did! It was a very cold night and as we raised a blind in the home, we noticed the window frame had been modified. Upon further examination, we also felt cold air leaking into the home between the upper and lower panes of glass. Upon discovering this, we started looking at other windows (that were hidden with blinds) and found several windows in the home were leaking cold air, would not latch properly and frames had been modified. None of these problems had been disclosed on the property condition disclosure. The lesson here... If you're viewing a home in the winter on a cold day, go to the windows and feel for cold air and don't take the seller's word on the property condition disclosure. Don't let closed blinds stop you from examining the windows! This discovery probably saved the buyer a wasted home inspection fee and possible appraisal fee (about $800 total).